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A Three Day Encounter with Jesus

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Prayer Wheel Signup | Men’s Weekend

Prayer Wheel Signup | Women’s Weekend

A 3 Day Journey to Encounter the Living Christ

Three Days Ottawa is a spiritual renewal retreat, held once a year over two separate Weekends for men and women. It is inspired by the Cursillo and Tres Dias movements.

Seeking a PERSONAL Encounter with Jesus While Experiencing His Grace TOGETHER

What is Three Days Ottawa?

Three Days Ottawa is a Christian renewal retreat inspired by the global Cursillo and Tres Dias movements. It takes place over 3 days called “Weekends”. There are separate Weekends for men and women, usually held in late May/early June.

The main goal of Three Days Ottawa is to help people encounter Jesus on a personal level while surrounded by a safe community of Believers. We believe these experiences strengthen individual discipleship and build-up the local church.

A Three Days Weekend is a progressive journey that examines self, others and our surroundings through the lens of Jesus Christ. The fundamentals of the Christian faith are presented through a variety of talks, meditations and activities. People are encouraged to engage in the Weekend at their own pace and there is no expected outcome for those who attend.

Weekends are built on a time-tested routine that includes worship, fellowship, great food, Communion, prayer and a few ‘surprises’ designed to reflect the Grace of Jesus Christ.

Many who have attended a Three Days Weekend come away with a deeper and more meaningful relationship with Christ. It is amazing what can happen in 3 days when we cut through the noise and busyness of our day-to-day lives…

Three Days Ottawa is affiliated with One Way Ministries. It is run by ordinary Believers and has no affiliation with any particular Christian denomination.

If you would like to know more about Three Days, we would love to hear from you!

2024 Weekends

Men’s Weekend

May 30th – June 2nd, 2024
Galilee Bible Camp

Women’s Weekend

June 6th – 9th
Galilee Bible Camp

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Three Days Ottawa is affiliated with One Way Ministries

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